Copy Address to Clipboard


You can copy a constituent's address to your clipboard so you can paste it into another document - e.g. in Word.

If the constituent has a postal address a copy to clipboard button is shown above the address - as shown in the example below 


When you press the copy to clipboard button the address will be placed on your clipboard - it is built up as follows

  • The label name - if there is no label name the default label name is used
  • The house name or number and address line 1 - if the house name is longer than 5 characters the house name and address line 1 will be put on separate lines
  • Address line 2 
  • Town 
  • County
  • Postcode
  • A blank line
  • The salutation - if there is no salutation the default salutation is used - prefixed with the word Dear



  • Hi Team - has something happened to the copy button? It seems to have disappeared today?

  • Seems to be back today :)

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