Changing the security setting for your Eventbrite webhook


Eventbrite Webhooks prior to 5th August 2020 were created with the web protocol called HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP has been the main way of transmitting data but does have security weaknesses. 

In our commitment to keeping your data as secure as possible, we have altered our processes to use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). 

As the Webhooks used with our Eventbrite integration are hosted in Eventbrite, we can't automatically update them, and as such we are advising all of our users to update as soon as possible. 


To do this, log into your Eventbrite account, click the person icon to the right of the page:



Select Account Settings


Then click on the reveal arrow to the right of Developer Links left-hand menu and select Webhooks



You will then see your Webhooks:



Old Webhook

It is advisable to check the detail of your existing Webhook so that you create your new one correctly. To do this click on Detail.

Underneath the payload URL, you will see the actions, note these down - e.g



New Webhook

To create your new Webhook:

  • Click back to Manage Webhooks using the blue link on the page
  • Click on Add Webhook 
  • For the Payload URL enter<your Donorfy api key> e.g.
  • Add in your Actions/Objects as to what you had noted down earlier
    • The usual settings are:
      • Events = All
      • Action = order.placed
  • Press the Add Webhooks button
  • You can press the Test button to check the settings - you will need to refresh the page to see the result of the test

Once the test has come back all clear i.e 200 OK - you can delete the old Webhook. 


Deleting the Old Webhook

Click on the Detail button for the Webhook starting with HTTP://

Next Click on the Delete Button 


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