Managing Duplicates with the OnlineFundraising Integration



OF Integration

Any payment - whether single or recurring - needs to belong to a contact - the member/donor. The contact (OF) relates to a constituent in Donorfy.

OF does not attempt to find a matching contact (it's not a CRM remember). So it creates a new one each time a form is submitted. However, when Donorfy receives the webhook it attempts to find an existing constituent. If a constituent is found with a confidence score of 13 or over (eg same CPR number - see the table in this document for the full matching criteria and scores). Donorfy will add the payment to the constituent found, and the two OF contacts will be merged in order to preserve a 1-to-1 relationship between the Donorfy constituent and the OF contact


Please note: If the process locates multiple constituent profiles on Donorfy (from other means) and also they have the same National Insurance Number, Donorfy will create a new constituent profile as the process will not be able to determine from the data it has as to which record it should put the new agreement on. These constituent profiles will need to be merged via the process described below.


Duplicate Checker

Donorfy features an inbuilt duplicate checker that will find all the duplicates in your system and present them for review. 

The Duplicates process will not just focus on single matches, but will also return multiple matches.

A confidence score is assigned to the matches and where a single match has been found and the confidence score is 13 or above, then the two records will be automatically merged (this is turned on in the settings).

For more about the scoring and how the process works please see the Duplicates article.


Merging Records adhocly

It is also possible to merge records when you come across them whilst working within Donorfy, perhaps you were viewing a List and spotted two constituent profiles are the same and should be merged. 

If you have the user permission to do so, you can merge the two constituents via the Manage button on a constituent profile.  

To find out how to complete this type of merge and how it works, see Merging Constituents


Please note: When merging records we set them to Archive with the reason of Duplicate as this gives clients the opportunity to review data before it is gone forever. Every now and again it will be important to review and delete these records using the Bulk Delete function.




The Online Fundraising integration is a Professional-only feature. Danish Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


Other requirements: the integration only applies to Online Fundraising version 4 and later. Prior versions cannot be integrated.


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