Step 4: Linking a Mailchimp Campaign to a Donorfy Campaign


Link a Donorfy Campaign to a Mailchimp Campaign

This allows you to

  • see analytics from your Mailchimp alongside the analytics for the overall campaign
  • include Mailchimp activity (open/clicks/unsubscribes) on constituents' timelines 

The relationship between the Donorfy Campaign and a Mailchimp Campaign is one-to-one, rather than one-to-many. For a campaign on Mailchimp which features multiple email sends (campaigns), you will not be able to link all of these emails sends to the single Campaign on Donorfy, instead, each email send (campaign) will require its own Campaign in Donorfy. These additional Campaigns on Donorfy could be called very similar, but with the additional email name attached, for example:

  • Summer Appeal 2020
  • Summer Appeal 2020 - Newsletter 
  • Summer Appeal 2020 - Warm segment
  • Summer Appeal 2020 - Corporates


To establish the link between the campaigns, open Campaigns in Donorfy, then select your desired Campaign. 


Click on the Analytics tab and scroll down to the Mailchimp panel



You can then select the Mailchimp campaign which corresponds to your Donorfy campaign



Key analytics from Mailchimp will be shown




The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Mailchimp - enrol here


  • Does the Mailchimp campaign have to have the exact same name as the Donorfy campaign or vice versa?

  • No - they can be different names.

  • I can't get any MailChimp campaigns to show up in the Analytics tab field?

  • George - can you raise a support ticket so that the team can check the reason that this may be. Thank you

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