Look Ups and Campaigns


This article provides information about working with LookUps and Campaigns via the API - i.e.

  • the lists you can maintain via Settings | Configuration
  • the Campaigns from the main menu

The https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes endpoint allows you to retrieve a list of the lookup types you can work with - these broadly correspond to a subset of the list found via Settings | Configuration and Campaigns 


  • retrieve all the existing lookups of a given type you would use the https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/<lookuptype> endpoint - e.g. to find all existing constituent types you would use https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/ConstituentTypes
  • add a new entry to a lookup list Post to https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/<lookuptype> - e.g. to add a new constituent type post to https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/ConstituentTypes passing the constituent type as the lookup description 
  • Note that the API does not check that your new lookup does not already existing in the lookup list 


Work with tags as follows to

  • Retrieve tag categories use this endpoint https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/TagCategory
  • Find all tags within a category https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/<tagCategoryName>/Tags - e.g. If you had a tag category called Engagement https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/Engagement/Tags
  • Add a tag post to https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/<tagCategoryName>/Tags passing the tag name as the lookup description - e.g. To add a new tag Membership to the Engagement tag category Post to https://data.donorfy.com/api/v1/<apikey>/System/LookUpTypes/Engagement/Tags passing Membership as the lookup description - e.g. 
    • {
        "LookUpDescription": "Membership"


The Donorfy API is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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