Changes coming to Opportunities October 2020


As you may have heard we are making changes to the Opportunities feature of Donorfy. These will be rolled out towards the end of September and early October. This article explains what's changing. The specific Knowledge Base articles will explain in more detail how the new Opportunities features work.

Opportunity Types

Previously, you could set these up in Settings | Configuration | Opportunity Types.

Now, you can set them up on a new tab in Opportunities:


Your existing opportunity types will be moved to this location.

You now get a lot of new features relating to the Opportunity Types:

    • Financial Opportunity Type? Your existing Opportunities will be set to Yes. Non-financial Opportunities could be something like Volunteer recruitment etc.
  • Stages
    • These are no longer a comma-separated string of stages. They are now shown as lines that you can add, change, delete and re-order. Apart from Stage Name they also have the following additional properties:

      • Updates Outcome - whether by moving an Opp to this stage updates the new Outcome property on an Opp. This replaces the asterisk on the existing Opp Type settings.
      • Default Forecast percentage - this is used to set the Forecast Percentage on the Opp when the Opp reaches this stage.
      • Minimum Days in Stage - this allows Donorfy to manage Opps that have been stuck in a stage for too long.
      • Tasks - these are the tasks that will be automatically added to the Opp when the Opp reaches this stage.

Opportunities link on the left-hand navigation menu

When you click on the Opportunities link you are now shown a new layout:

There are two main tabs:

  • Opportunities - more info below. All of your existing Opportunities will be retained.
  • Settings - this replaces what was in Settings | Configuration | Opportunity Types. It has been moved here so that you can manage everything to do with Opportunities in one place.

Opportunities tab

This displays your Opportunities, according to the filter. The filter has been expanded to offer new ways to see the Opps you want, and it now remembers your filters settings and columns selection.

There are now three views of your Opportunities, which you can select using the orange 3-button group at the top of the display - List, Board and Charts.


The List view is more or less the same as the existing functionality, except that the Pipeline charts have been moved to the Charts view.

The new view is Boards. This allows you to see and manage your Opps on a Kanban board. The Opps displayed are according to the filter.


The Charts view displays pipeline charts which have been moved from the previously Opportunities display, improved and expanded.

Opportunities - changes to the form

Summary stats, top-right - gives you a snapshot of the current status of the Opp, regardless of which tab is selected.

On the Details tab


  • Research info is in a collapsible panel. This setting is remembered.
  • Opportunity Fundraiser - renamed from Assigned To, and defaults from the new Fundraiser field in the Prospect panel.
  • Current stage - still a drop down list of Stages, but it now provides the default for the forecast percentage, and potentially sets the Outcome of the stage if the stage has been set to do so. Outcomes can be:
    • Positive (eg grant awarded)
    • Negative (eg grant not awarded)
    • Neutral (eg process did not complete)
  • Forecast percentage - defaulted from the selected Stage, but can be overridden.
  • Outcome - defaulted from the selected Stage, but can be overridden.
  • Fund - a new field on Opportunities (represents what financial “pot” the money will sit in).
  • Deadline date for submission - new field.

On the Pledges tab

This has been renamed to Pledges and Transactions. There are now two views within this tab:

  • Pledges - displays the Pledges associated with this Opportunity.
  • Transactions - displays the Transactions associated with the Pledges associated with this Opportunity.

NOTE: Pledges have been upgraded significantly:

  1. To have similar properties to a Transaction (eg Campaign, Product, Fund etc), so that…
  2. A pledge can be easily converted to a paid Transaction


Pledges are listed in a grid as before, but now have a drop-down button to enable you to change the status of the pledge. By changing it to Paid it creates a Transaction.

You can open the Pledge by clicking on the hyperlink - and the new pledge form is displayed, similar to a Transaction. Pledges have the following new features:


The Payment part:

  • Payment method
  • Bank account
  • Currency
  • Channel
  • Soft Credits

The Allocation part:

  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Amount
  • Fund

Additionally, the Manage menu now provides the following functionality:


  • Set the pledge status to… (this is the same as changing the pledge status from the dropdown button on the pledges grid)
  • Copy - enables you to copy the pledge n times - eg for multi-year pledges.

On the Timeline tab

You now have the ability to Send Document from the Add button (as well as the existing feature of adding an Activity).

Constituents - the Prospect Research panel

There is a new field: Relationship Owner - representing who holds the key relationship with this prospect.

The field previous known as Research Manager is now labelled Opportunity Fundraiser. It represents the fundraiser (who may not necessarily be relationship owner).

Constituent Timeline - Transactions

It is now possible to link/unlink a Transaction to/from a Pledge from the Transaction form.

Should a transaction be reassigned to another constituent, a link to a Pledge will be broken (as the pledge will not belong to the constituent to whom the transaction now belongs).

Constituent Timeline - Activities

It is now possible to link/unlink an Activity to/from an Opportunity. (Activities added from within the Opp are automatically linked, as before).

Configurable Donor Pyramid values

You can now set the value boundaries and time period for the 5 Donor Pyramid levels, in Settings | Configuration | Donor Pyramid Values:


These are visible in:

  • the Donorfy Pyramid dashboard tile
  • the star rating at the top of the Constituent form.
  • Constituent Lists (in both the filter and column selection)


Opportunities Lists

Opportunities Lists will contain all of the fields available on an Opp.

Opportunities Pledges Lists

Opportunity Pledges Lists will contain all of the fields available on an Opportunity Pledge.


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