Adding Custom Codes to your JustGiving Fundraising Pages


The addition of Custom Codes is done from the Fundraising Pages in JustGiving themselves. It can be achieved in one or two steps...


Renaming Your Headers 

JustGiving allows you to rename Headers for Fundraising Pages, the image below if from the Headers section where database headers can be added - It's not something that you do need to do, but helps to easily identify where to add you custom codes to easily.

If you would like to set these, then they will need to be set as below:


*leave Header 1 and Header 5 empty.


Adding your Custom Codes

Once you have added your Fundraising Page headers (the previous step is optional), you can add your Custom Codes to your Fundraising Pages on JustGiving.

Click on the ‘Add fundraising page codes’ button to start coding your fundraising pages:




The following steps are taken from JustGiving's help document (How to add custom codes)

  1. Use the calendar to search for pages created by month
  2. If you have added custom codes to a Fundraising Page in the past they’ll be listed in
    the Assigned column. Fundraising Pages without codes will be listed in the
    Unassigned column
  3. Click on the Assigned or Unassigned box for a specific month to see a list of
    fundraising pages for that date
  4. Expand the Fundraising Page’s records for more page details
  5. Fill the fields with your own database codes
  6. Click ‘Save changes’


The options supplied to you would be the Header 1 - 6, or if you named them, then the names of the Headers would display instead. These are your Custom Code Headers.

Under each of the Headers, there should be a box to enter your Custom Code into.

Add detail into the empty box for Header 2, 3 and 4 (if you are doing a Tribute Fund then the Constituent ID would need to be added in Header 6) for example:

Header 2 or the Custom Code name 'Department' = Corporate
Header 3 or the Custom Code name 'Campaign' = General (not Appeal)
Header 4 or the Custom Code name 'Fund' = General


Leave the other fields blank.


If you opted not to rename the Headers, then a non-Tribute Fund it would appear something like below:


And if adding a Custom Code for a Tribute Fund, then it would look like the examples below:



Or, if you renamed the Headers to the Custom Code Header names, then it would look like the example below:


If you were adding a Tribute Fund Custom Code, then it would look like the examples below:



Note: Custom Codes in excess of 20 characters* in JustGiving will be truncated via the JustGiving API. In instances where this occurs, the code will not match a Department, Campaign, or Fund in Donorfy and will result in default settings being used. 

If your Department, Campaign, or Fund in Donorfy is greater than 20 characters then it is suggested a new Department, Campaign, or Fund is created which is less than or equal to 20 characters in length.

* The number of characters includes spaces


* Please note that we don't have a JustGiving account as we are a service supplier and JustGiving reserves accounts are for charities, so some images have been created based on images provided to us from JustGiving... (Feb 2020).


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