Setting up the Virgin Money Giving integration


To set up the Virgin Money Giving integration you need to go to Integrations > Virgin Money Giving



Next, click on the Settings tab.



Default Mappings section

Complete the mappings for each item:

  • Purpose for Opt-ins

The first option lets you specify the Purpose that should be enabled for donors who have elected to share their email address with you for ongoing communications.

It should be noted that the integration does not set the Channel as this is not provided by Virgin Money Giving. 
The Preferred Channel will defaulted to Do Not Mail

  • Apply donations to named constituents even if donor marketing consent was not given?

The next option allows you to let the integration find or add a new constituent record. Why? Even though most donors do not want the charity to be able to contact them you may still want to record the donation under their timeline. So this option lets you instruct Donorfy to find or add a new constituent for each donor for whom we have at least some contact info.

  • Anonymous Donor Constituent

Here you need to specify the Anonymous Donor Constituent - it is suggested that you have a specific Anonymous constituent profile just for Virgin Money Giving.
Donations, where there are no donor details, will be added to this constituent profile.


Transaction settings

The two sections relating to Transactions allow you to specify how donations are attributed to the various codes Donorfy. 




Transactions - Payments

  • Campaign
  • Bank Account
  • Acknowledgment
Note: The Payment Method is not one of the choices - that's because we assign the payment method a fixed value of "Virgin Money Giving".


Transactions - allocation

  • Product
  • Fund
  • Department



Integration Start Date section

It is possible that prior to using the integration you had been entering Virgin Money Giving donations into Donorfy manually. Therefore you can instruct Donorfy to ignore any donations that it finds in your Virgin Money Giving reports prior to the date that you enter here.


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