Managing Fundraising Pages for Virgin Money Giving


Managing Fundraising Pages

You can view the specific fundraising pages from which donors have made their donations in Integrations | Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising Pages tab. Expand the fundraising page by clicking on it:


Clicking on the fundraising page hyperlink will navigate you to that page in Virgin Money Giving.

You may wish to edit the Fundraising Page in order to change the attribution of past and future donations away from the defaults.

To do that, click on the Edit button - a form will open up. If you change the attribution of the donation you are given the option of changing prior donations against that Fundraising Page, or leaving them alone so that only future transactions use the new codes.

View Donations from Fundraising Pages

A list of donations made via the fundraising page is available.

Clicking on the description takes you to the donor constituent record.

Reassign a Fundraiser to another constituent

It is possible that you wish to "move" or reassign a fundraising page from one constituent to another. It may have been associated with the wrong constituent for example. To do that:


  1. Find the constituent who currently owns the page
  2. On the Constituent Profile, find the Fundraising Pages panel, and click the Reassign button.

Note - this can only be done on the latest Fundraising Page.



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