Storing information about your prospective funders


From within a constituent profile, you can record information about a prospective funder that remains reasonably constant. This is held in a panel called Prospect Research within the constituent profile.

Add Prospect Research information to an existing Constituent 

Click on the orange Manage button at the top of the screen.


Choose Add Prospect Research Info, to add the option to record additional information about the Trust or Foundation on the 'Profile' tab as follows:


This will insert a new panel into your constituent's profile


Each area of the panel is explained below:

  • Capacity, Propensity and Connection scores (1 to 5).

    These can be used to indicate, for example:
    • the prospect's capacity to give),
    • their propensity to support your kind of cause,
    • and how close a connection you have with the prospect

The sum of your Capacity, Propensity and Connection scores (up to a maximum of 15) provides you with a way to help prioritise your fundraising activities to the prospects that will be more likely to support you.

  • Funding Deadline Months – This field is only visible when your constituent type is a group, as opposed to a person (see Constituent Types for more info). It is for you to record the months in which they make their funding decisions, and can be used when filtering lists of prospects.
  • Months between Applications - This field is only visible when your constituent type is a group, as opposed to a person (see Constituent Types for more info). It indicates the interval that the Trust or Foundation likes you to leave between applications.
  • Relationship Owner - who in your organisation holds the relationship with this prospective funder - eg one of your trustees.
  • Opportunity Fundraiser - who in your organisation is the fundraiser associated with this prospective funder.
  • Total Annual Giving, Typical Gift Size and Suggested Ask Amount can be used to indicate what level of funding is available and what you want to ask for.
  • The tags in Funding Preferences and Funding Locations can be configured by your system administrator if you don't have access in using Settings | Configuration | Funding Preferences / Funding Locations, and used to identify subject and areas of interest for the funder. They can be used to filter lists of your prospects.
  • Research Notes is for any additional information that you want to record about the prospect.



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