Managing your pipeline of Opportunities


You can view and manage your pipeline of opportunities by clicking on the Opportunities link in the left-hand navigation menu:


It displays your opportunities according to the filter on the left-hand side. There are three views that you can choose to view the opportunities. They all respect the filter.

List view

This is the List view:


You can select the columns you wish to view, and download the data to a CSV file, or produce a PDF report - using the icons above the filter.

Board view

The Board view uses the Kanban approach to displaying and managing opportunities on a board which allows you to see and move them to the next stage by dragging and dropping into the appropriate stage column:



NOTE: board view is only available when you have selected one Opportunity Type in the filter.


Features of the Board view include:

  • Number of days in the stage is shown in green if more than a week until max days in the stage; amber if 7 days or fewer remain until max days in the stage; and red if it has exceeded the max days in the stage
  • the band on the left-hand side of the opportunity "cards" is colour coded according to the opportunity's outcome:
      • blue - outcome not yet set
      • green - positive outcome
      • amber - neutral outcome
      • red - negative outcome
  • when moving an opportunity into a stage any tasks associated with that stage are automatically created (see take care to move them only one to avoid duplicate charge).
  • the final "Completed" stage is there as the final stage for all opportunity types. It is a place to put opportunities that are now finished, to stop them from cluttering the display
  • you can hide a column by clicking the stage name on the column header
  • clicking on a stage



Charts view

Charts view displays the monetary value of opportunities in a variety of charts.



NOTE: the Opps by Stage chart is only available when you have selected one Opportunity Type in the filter.


You can choose whether the values shown are the Forecast Amount (as opposed to the Opportunity amount). The forecast amount is the opportunity amount multiplied by the forecast percentage. For example, a £100 opportunity with 70% forecast percentage has a forecast amount of £70.



Opportunities is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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