Fresh new look for Donorfy - sneak peak...

Donorfy launched in 2015 and has quickly grown to be an award-winning software solution for not-for-profit organisations. New, exciting, and innovative additions have been added during this time including MailChimp, Web Widgets, Eventbrite, OnlineFundraising (Denmark), Facebook Giving Tools, Forms, Triggers, JustGiving, Xero, Opportunities re-design, with one thing remaining constant throughout – the design of Donorfy.

Shortly this is all set to change…

We’ve been busy with the virtual decorating tools and tester pots to freshen up your screen, creating a cleaner look, adding white space, new buttons, new navigation pane colour, and a sleeker typeface.

The fresh new look will also flow through to our website and also Knowledge Base articles.

The plan is to release the new look shortly, renaming the current Donorfy design as 'classic', then move to default the fresh new look Donorfy and then cease usage of the classic view after that. The timeline for this will be on, or around:


Phase 1 (WB 9/11 - Now Live) - Classic Donorfy is the default; ability to preview and use new look Donorfy

Phase 2 (WB~ 23/11) - new Donorfy to become the default view but with the ability to revert to the classic Donorfy if you want

Phase 3 (WB~ 7/12) - new Donorfy will be live for everyone and there will no longer be an option to use the classic view of Donorfy


We love it and hope you do too!


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