Opportunity Pledges and Transactions


Pledges and Transactions tab

This tab is part of the Opportunity form. It's where you manage information about the money from this opportunity. You may have as many pledges as you want on an opportunity. Each one represents an anticipated payment to your organisation for this opportunity. This example is a multi year grant for £5k a year:


Pledges have a status:

  • Pledged - means you are expecting the money
  • Invoiced - means you have requested the payment by, for example, raising an invoice in your accounting system for it
  • Paid - means the money has been received.

You can convert the pledge status from the list of pledges displayed by clicking on the orange button. When you convert a pledge to Paid it creates a final transaction for you, based on the information in that pledge.

Pledges look like financial transactions in Donorfy:


However, they are not counted in your revenue figures until they have been converted to Paid. Note: you can also change the status of a pledge in the orange Manage menu.

Copying pledges

If you have a multi-year pledge, you may want to copy the first year pledge a number of times to save having to re-key the same information. You can do this from the orange Manage button:


Retrospectively linking transactions to pledges

You may want to retrospectively link a Donorfy transaction to an opportunity pledge. This might happen where an transaction has been entered manually, rather than generating one automatically by converting a pledge to paid.

To do so, open the transaction on the constituent's timeline, expand the Payment section using the More button, and select the pledge to which to attach this transaction:


Incorrectly Paid Pledge

If a pledge has been marked as paid a transaction will now be visible on the constituent timeline. If the pledge was incorrectly paid, then the transaction will need to be deleted from the Constituent Timeline. Upon deletion, the status of the Pledge will be reverted to Pledged.

Editing pledges

Pledges can be edited unless they are paid.



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