Connection Types


Connections can be used for a wide variety of things - each organisation will have different ways to use connections, for example:

  • Employment
  • Defining Family Connections
  • Noting the internal Fundraising Manager
  • Networking 
  • Trustees
  • etc.

Connections can be singular, for example 'Friend', or reciprocal, for example 'Employed by / Employee of'

Connection Types can be created and managed from within Settings > Configuration > Connection Types


Creating a new Connection Type

To create a new Connection Type, click on the plus icon to the right of the screen. A new item box will appear:



Type in your description - this is your main connection name.

  • If you are creating a singular connection an example could be 'Work'
  • For a reciprocal connection, an example could be 'Employs'

The Active toggle will be automatically set to Yes, but if you do not want it to be seen yet you can set this to No and then toggle it back on at a later date.


If you are creating a reciprocal connection, the secondary element will be added to the Reciprocal Description. 

For example, if you had created the main connection as Employs, the reciprocal could be: Employee of or Employed by


How does this work from a Constituent Profile?

The Knowledge Base article Connections covers how to add connections to a Profile. Below is a quick illustration of the appearance.


A Connection need only be added once for it to be viewable from each of the connected profiles.

Using the above example, of a reciprocal connection Employs and Employed by, adding the connection can be done as follows:


From the organisation profile - the connection would be added set as:

ABC Organisation’s connection to this constituent = Employs



This will then display on the organisational profile as


The view from the individual constituent’s profile will be displayed as:


If you were adding the connection form the individual’s profile instead of from the organisation’s profile - the connection would be added set as:

Individual’s connection to this constituent = Employed by





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