Handling Donations made in Different Currencies


Donorfy is designed to work with one active currency - this means the numbers shown on dashboards, campaign analytics and giving stats do not split amounts into different currencies. Donorfy is not a multi-currency solution.

By default, Donorfy will use GBP for the active currency - see this article if you want to change that.

However this does not stop you taking donations in other currencies, but please keep in mind following

  • Make sure you assign the correct currency to any transaction you enter or upload into Donorfy - you may need to add additional currencies to your Donorfy via Settings
  • You may need different acknowledgements for each currency
  • When you report on donations - e.g. via a list - make sure your filtering or analysis is handling the different currencies
  • Any information you extract to load into your accounts system may need to include currency information  
  • Stripe web widgets can collect card payments in different currencies and update Donorfy with those amounts. You need a different widget for each currency, each of which should be set up with the appropriate currency code. Also, check the Stripe knowledge base for information about currencies they support. The donations processed in this way will show up in Donorfy as the amount given in that currency, not in GBP.
  • We strongly recommended that non-GBP widgets are set up with a payment method that does not permit Gift Aid - i.e. so donations made in currencies other than GBP are definitely excluded from Gift Aid claims
  • GoCardless widgets only support GBP for direct debits

TIP - if you are receiving transactions into your Donorfy in a currency other than the one that is designated as your active currency, you could manually overwrite the transaction value with the converted amount in the active currency once it has been thanked. This means dashboards etc will show accurate amounts. You should also consider what impact this will have if you are sending information from Donorfy to your accounting system - eg whether you need to send the converted amount or the original currency amount.

Currency / country-specific Donorfy systems

If you receive a lot of donations in a currency that is not the active currency for your Donorfy you could set up a second Donorfy for those donations in that currency. For example you will have a Donorfy for GBP donors, a separate Donorfy for EUR donors and another for USD donors - for example.


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