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Manage events with the market-leading event management solution Eventbrite. The integration with Donorfy means that event orders, attendances, fees and check-ins are recorded in Donorfy automatically.

  1. If this is the first time configure your settings in Donorfy and Eventbrite
  2. Create your event in Eventbrite
  3. Create the corresponding Campaign in Donorfy - use the Eventbrite tab
  4. Publicise your event and see the bookings in constituent and campaign timelines!

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This integration allows you to use Eventbrite to manage all kinds of events, and automatically update your constituents in Donorfy accordingly. The event itself is managed by you in Eventbrite, and the relevant information about the registrations, ticket purchases, fees and attendance are automatically added into Donorfy - helping you to maintain that 360-degree view of your constituents without you having to enter or import the information after the event.

The integration is included in Donorfy Essentials and Professional plans. Please note that Eventbrite has its own fee structure - please see their website for more information.

Linking Eventbrite to Donorfy enables the following:

  • adding an Activity to the timeline of a Donorfy constituent whenever a ticket is purchased or a place registered for an event in Eventbrite; a new constituent will be added in Donorfy if needed;

  • (optional) adding a Transaction to the constituent’s timeline based on costs notified by Eventbrite; allocations may be made relating to cost of tickets, donations made via Eventbrite, and any additional items charged through Eventbrite;

  • an event in Eventbrite may be matched to a Donorfy Campaign, so that corresponding activities and transactions may be accessed from the campaign timeline;

  • (optional) where tickets were purchased on the same order for multiple attendees, activities for these attendees may be added to constituent timelines in Donorfy; again, new constituents will be added as needed; in the case of paid-for tickets, soft transactions will be added so attendees are linked to the main transaction for the ticket order;

  • where activities are added for attendees, Donorfy can also track event check-ins where the corresponding facility of Eventbrite is used;

  • custom questions in Eventbrite may be mapped to channels and/or purposes in Donorfy, e.g. to allow marketing opt-in;

 As well as activities and transactions added to timelines, you can view the recent event orders and registrations via the Eventbrite view in the Data Management section of Donorfy.

 Please note that this integration does not pull through address details. If address details are required, then please see: Eventbrite - FAQs

To start to benefit from the integration you will need to:

  1. Sign up for Eventbrite (or have your login details available )
  2. Link Eventbrite to Donorfy and set up the integration settings: Linking Eventbrite and Donorfy
  3. If you want certain events to override the default mappings, map your Events to Campaigns in Donorfy as per this article: Connecting an Eventbrite event to a Donorfy Campaign
  4. Ensure you map your GDPR opt-ins to your Campaigns in Donorfy as per this article: Eventbrite – getting opt-ins from event attendees
  5. If you would like event fees to create Donorfy Transactions see this article: Eventbrite – transactions In Donorfy

For troubleshooting and FAQs see this article: Eventbrite - FAQs


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Eventbrite - enrol here


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