Eventbrite – Transactions in Donorfy


Transactions for paid-for events may be created in Donorfy. This option is configurable via the main Eventbrite Settings page.

If this option is enabled, you will need to choose the default Payment Method - which may be overridden for any Campaign. Donorfy will apply default currency according to what has been set as the default in Settings | Configuration | Currencies.

From within the Eventbrite Setting page you will need to choose a default Product and Fund, and (optionally) a Department for each of three possible transaction allocations:

  • Ticket Fee – i.e. the cost of tickets;
  • Donations made during the purchase of tickets;
  • Additional Items – e.g. merchandise offered for sale through Eventbrite at the time of ticket purchase, but for which the event organiser will be directly responsible for fulfilment.

All of these settings may be overridden for a specific Campaign via the Eventbrite tab in the Campaign form for that event.

Where the order includes additional attendees, soft transactions will be added to link those attendees to the transaction for the order.


Please note that transactions will only appear within Donorfy once the payout from Eventbrite has taken place for that event. This is typically 4-5 days after the event has taken place. See this Eventbrite article.

If you would like to see transactions sooner than this, then you can update the Eventbrite payout schedule to be either monthly on the 1st and 15th, or weekly on a Wednesday. This is accessed via the Event and then Edit > Manage > Payments & Payouts


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