Eventbrite – how email addresses are matched to constituents


When someone purchases a ticket (or tickets) for an event in Eventbrite their details are passed to Donorfy. Donorfy will try to find an existing constituent with the email address used for the purchase - if a match is not found a new constituent is added.

If more than one constituent has the same email address the constituent with best matching last and first names will be selected. When adding a new constituent to Donorfy, contact details will be filled out using data from Eventbrite as available.

Please note that the integration does not update an existing constituent’s contact details with those provided in the Eventbrite order, even if they differ. This is because it is common for people to register multiple attendees under one email address. In these cases it would not be desirable to update the contact details with the that of the last attendee. Remember you can always include a link to the “Update my contact details” page on your website using the self-service Preference Centre widget to encourage people to keep their contact details up to date.

Once we have the constituent an activity is added to their timeline with the details of the event they purchased for - if they provided details of any attendees these details are added to the notes of the activity.

If you have opted to create activities in Donorfy for each attendee, the same process will be followed to match attendee email addresses with Donorfy constituents.


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