Eventbrite – activities in Donorfy


Once Donorfy and Eventbrite have been linked, an Activity will be created any time a ticket order is placed for a free event. (For paid events, the corresponding transaction may be used to track orders.)

The default Activity type for this is ‘Eventbrite Order’. It will be assigned to a Constituent based on the email address supplied from Eventbrite for the order, and to a Campaign as follows:

  • if the order is for an event that has been mapped to a Donorfy Campaign, the activity will be assigned to this campaign; in this case, you may also override the activity type used;
  • otherwise, the default Campaign selected on the Eventbrite Settings page will be used.

External reference fields are set as follows...
1 - event ID
2 - order ID
3 - Eventbrite attendee ID


Events Mapped to Campaigns in Donorfy

For events that have been mapped to campaigns, you may have elected to add activities for each attendee (see the Eventbrite tab for the campaign). In this case the default activity type is ‘Eventbrite Attendee’ and this may be overridden from the Eventbrite tab for the campaign.

The following additional options are also available via the Eventbrite tab for a Campaign.


Donorfy provides an option to exclude attendees for whom certain types of ticket have been purchased. This may be used e.g. to ensure those holders of child tickets are not added as constituents in Donorfy.

For attendee activities, Donorfy allows mapping the Eventbrite team name (where applicable) to a field of the activity.

Check-ins an also be recorded - see Eventbrite - Check-ins




The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Eventbrite - enrol here


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