Creating Purposes


Donorfy also allows you to set the purposes relating to how your organisation would like to contact your constituents, such as fundraising and news, membership, policy, events, etc.

Purposes can be set to be administered at either operator only level or operator and constituent level. This means that if you would like to do so, you can allow constituents to manage their own purposes via the public-facing Preference Update Form* - see the public-facing Preference Update From details below for more information.

These purposes are configured within Settings > Configuration > Purposes

Adding a new purpose

  • Click on the add button and enter a description for the type
  • Toggle the Active to Yes
  • If you would also like constituents to see this on the public-facing Preference Update Form toggle the switch to Yes
  • Enter a description of the purpose for the public-facing Preference Update Form e.g. I consent to receive information relating to events.
  • Save Changes


To deactivate or change a purpose

To add or change a purpose is a simple process. Open up your Purposes within Settings > Configuration and select the purpose that you would like to de-activate or change.

To de-activate – toggle the Active and public-facing Preference Update Form switches to No, and Save Changes.

To make a change – you can add/alter/delete text within the description boxes as appropriate, or perhaps just de-activate the public-facing Preference Update Form option as required. Once you have made your changes Save Changes.

Public-facing Preference Update From

*This feature is only available with the Donorfy Professional plan

You can include a preference update link in emails you send to your constituents from Donorfy which can be clicked on to allow people to update their contact details and other preferences - note that the links

  • Are valid for 7 days
  • Can only be used once

This is how it works:

Add the preference update widget to your web site - the widget allows people to enter their email address and request a link to update their communication preferences.

When people request a link if there is:

  • One constituent with the email address entered Donorfy will then send an email with a link to the preference update form where they can update their preferences after they complete the form their constituent record is updated in Donorfy with their preferences
  • No constituents with the email address entered Donorfy will send an email with a link, when the person requesting the link completes the preferences update form they will be added as a new constituent in Donorfy
  • More than one constituent has the email address entered then a message will be displayed asking the person to get in touch with you to update their preferences

Donorfy must be linked to your email system for this work - see this article for more information

To configure the public-facing Preference Update Setting see this article.


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