Getting started with GDPR


In the GDPR overview you saw how Donorfy to helps you comply with GDPR, so how do you get started in setting it up?

Step 1

A constituent’s preference centre is made up of 3 areas, each of which will require configuring to suit your organisation’s needs:


These are by what methods you can contact a constituent by, for example, post or email, and come set up as standard within Donorfy and can be adjusted as required. The pre-configured channels are: Email, Mail, Phone, SMS

Set up additional or amend the Channels to suit your needs, see this article.


The purposes are the means for which you can contact your constituents about and will map to your communications and GDPR strategy, for example, it may be fundraising, events, policy etc…
To set up your organisation's Purposes see this article.

Consent Statements

To help you demonstrate GDPR compliance, Donorfy features an area which you can log the different statements which you use to gain consent in relation to contacting constituents.

Consent statements can either link to a specific page on your website, or you can upload a document which contained the statement used. For example, a donation form, or event registration form.

To set up your organisation's Consent Statements see this article.


Step 2

You may wish to undertake a campaign to obtain or confirm consents from constituents using the Self Service Preference Centre. This option is available on the professional plan.

To do that you will need to add a widget to your website to allow people to update their own preferences. You will also need to link your email system to Donorfy to allow Update Preference email link to be sent.

To set up your preference Update Settings see this article.

To add the widget to your website see this article for more information.

To link your email system to Donorfy see this article.


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