JustGiving - Campaign specific settings


Campaign-specific settings

Fundraising and Campaign Pages - and therefore donations made through them - may be linked to a Donorfy Campaign by JustGiving Settings tab available on your Donorfy Campaign.


The JustGiving tab can be found within the Fundraising Pages tab on a Campaign:





The Campaign dropdown will present a list of JustGiving Campaigns and appeals identified from Fundraising Pages retrieved.


Note: For a JustGiving Campaign to be visible to Donorfy, the JustGiving Campaign will need to have a Fundraising Page assigned to it within JustGiving. This Support page from JustGiving will help you assign a JustGiving Fundraising Page to a JustGiving Campaign.




Having chosen a JustGiving Campaign or appeal from this list, any future donations made through pages linked to the same JustGiving Campaign or appeal will result in transactions linked to this campaign in Donorfy, unless a custom code for has been set on a particular Fundraising Page (see custom codes section).


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for JustGiving - enrol here


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