Trigger Actions


A Trigger Action is the end result of what your Trigger is to do. An action can be set up to initiate a Support Journey (MailChimp automation), to add to a messaging service such as Slack, or to inform another process. 


To add a new Action click on the Add Action button



As standard there are two types of Actions available - these will be presented to the right of the screen:

  • HTTP Post
  • Initiate MaiLChimp Automation

If your Donorfy is on your own Azure server, you will be presented with a 3rd option - execute stored procedure




Click on the add button for the Action type you would like to add:



Action type - Execute Stored Procedure

Requires Own Azure

The Execute stored procedure action will run a stored procedure on SQL server.

For example, a valid value would be [dbo].[sp_whoisactive]



Action type - HTTP POST

The HTTP POST action will send an HTTP POST request.

You can optionally define custom headers to be sent with the HTTP payload. Please note these are not stored encrypted.


The payload can be different depending on the Trigger type. Currently, there is only one payload type.

Example of a standard payload

This HTTP body is sent from a Constituent added event.

"TriggerType": 6,
"EntityType": "Constituent",
"EntityId": "632c9e6f-bded-ea11-b5d9-501ac580925b",
"EntityNumber": 583,
"Timestamp": "2020-09-03T08:15:31.5659533+00:00"


The optional headers section is for custom data that you would like to add. This does not use any placeholders or data fields from within Donorfy - it is free text data only.

Action type - Initiate Mailchimp Automation

The Initiate Mailchimp Automation action will initiate a selected Mailchimp automation for the constituent related to the Trigger event.

Optionally, selecting a purpose will check whether the constituent has allowed communication through that purpose before running the Action.




When you are adding your Action you will need to rename the Action Name* for your particular Action
An Action must have a name.

For Example 





And check or un-check the option to Only run if all previous actions are successful:

If enabled, the Only run if previous actions are successful option will result in the action being skipped if any of the steps above it in the trigger are unsuccessful or error.





A Trigger can contain multiple Actions and the order in which those Actions run can be re-ordered by dragging the panel up and down.


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