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If Eventbrite is being used to check-in attendees on arrival, these check-ins may be recorded in Donorfy by making a mapping to a Yes/No field of the activity. 

This feature is available only when an event is mapped to a campaign and the event is active, i.e not a passed event.

Settings > Configuration > Activity Types



This is mapped in from the Donorfy Campaign linked to your Eventbrite Campaign. This is done from the Eventbrite Tab within the Campaign:


Toggle the switch for Create an Activity for each attendee to Yes


Additional settings boxes will appear:

Set the Activity field to record event check-in to be Checked In




Save your changes


Note: this will require that the attendee.checked_in webhook type was selected when linking Eventbrite to Donorfy.


When the attendee is then checked in the Activity (Eventbrite Attendee) will be updated and the checked-in option will be toggled to Yes:





For check-ins after the event has ended (i.e event is Sales Ended in Eventbrite) then this event is closed and will not send updates via the webhook to Donorfy. 

Any check-ins after the event can still occur in Eventbrite, but to update Donorfy you will need to download the List and then use the File Updater to update the Activity accordingly.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Eventbrite - enrol here


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