Donorfy Forms can accept one-off donations and payments using PayPal. 

To take advantage of this you will need a PayPal merchant account for your organisation - note that this is different from a personal PayPal account.


Please Note

The integration does not support the insertion of transactions from non-Donorfy forms and is only for one-off donations and payments.


You can sign up for a merchant account here

Once you have your merchant account you need to go to the PayPal Checkout page Login into your merchant account. Next click on your profile and select Dashboard. This takes you to the Developer section.

Make sure that Live is selected and press Create App



Give your app a suitable name - e.g. Donorfy Forms - once your app is created you will see the live API credentials form - see example below - you will need to click on the 'Show' link under Secret to reveal your client secret.


The client id and secret need copying into PayPal settings in your Donorfy.

Sign in to Donorfy and click on Settings | Configuration and search for PayPal Settings - enter the client id and secret into the fields provided - you need to also enter the text that will appear in PayPal for donations made via your forms - this text can contain up to 22 letters & numbers - once you have entered the details press Save Changes.




Using PayPal in Forms

Once you have completed the setup Forms including a Donation Element will automatically offer people the chance to use PayPal for one-off donations - as shown in the example below the pay button appears below the fields for a credit card donation.


If you do not want to allow PayPal on particular forms open the Donation Element on the form, click on the Processing tab and uncheck 'Allow donation by PayPal from this form' 


You can also change the message that displays above the PayPal button via the Processing tab under the Other section find the 'Prompt displayed above buttons for ApplePay, PayPal' and enter the text you want there 


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Donation Forms - enrol here



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