Example - a Gift Aid opt-in campaign


You could be missing out on a lot of income if donors have not made Gift Aid Declarations. Here's how you can use Donorfy to identify them, get in touch with them and provide a simple online form so that they can make their GAD there and then.

The solution is based on an Autotag, two Lists and a Form.


NOTE: This uses features that are only available in the Professional plan. Essentials users can upgrade to Professional at any time - please contact us for more information.


Do these preparation steps once only - you can use them for multiple Gift Aid campaigns.

1. Create the Autotag

This solution is based on an autotag, which itself is based on a List - both of which you need to set up: 

  • Create a new Tag (in Settings | Configuration) - choose a suitable tag category and add a new tag to it called "Gift Aider" (we'll convert it into an autotag later).
  • Create a new Gift Aid Declaration List - call it "Gift Aiders" - no need to build a filter, we want all of them.
  • Go back into the "Gift Aider" tag you created earlier, and convert it into an autotag by clicking on the Autotag tab. Use the "Gift Aiders" list for the autotag. This will keep the Gift Aider tags up to date across your database. Click on Apply This Auto Tag Now to test it. It will apply the tag to all of them.
    The Gift Aider tag will always be up to date (it's refreshed every night) and can be used for other purposes too - such as conditional text in acknowledgements.

Each time you want to run a Gift Aid campaign:

2. Create the Form

Go to Forms | Manage Forms and add a new Form. There's a template for Gift Aid opt-ins:



1. Send the link to your non-Gift Aiders

Create a List to find the donors who don't yet Gift Aid:

  • Add a new Constituent List - call it Gift Aid Campaign, and you will want to filter like this:

      • Don't forget to respect the communications consents.
      • Check that they haven’t refused Gift Aid Declaration agreements before.
      • Use the Total Contribution Fields to search back 4 years.  There's no point in asking for GADs from donors who only gave over 4 years ago
      • Filter on individual donors - no point in communicating to constituent types who can't Gift Aid - eg companies.
  • Use the results to email via Mailchimp or export so you can mail-merge your recipients (maybe using a QR code in the letter to make it easy for the recipient to go to the form on their smartphone).

2. Monitor the campaign and count the money

You can see how many people have visited the form, how many have completed it and more in the Form's Analytics. You can also see the GADs from the Campaign, timeline tab.


Donations from the donors who responded with new Gift Aid Declarations will be reflected in your next claim.


Repeat steps 1 and 2 as required.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Donation Forms - enrol here


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