Gifts in Memory / Gifts in Celebration


Gifts in Memory (in memoriam) and Gifts in Celebration can be entered within Donorfy by connecting the donation to the person / tribute fund in whose memory the donation was made. This will enable all donations to be reported on correctly and the donations added to constituents' timelines to be Gift Aided (if they can be) and claimed accordingly. To do this:



  • You will need a constituent for the person in whose memory the donations are being made. This could be an individual constituent - which would be archived as Deceased - or you could create a constituent representing the Tribute Fund (a constituent type may need to be added).
  • If you want to send a specific thank you, create a specific Thank You Letter document - see Acknowledgements & Documents for more info.
  • If you want to track all in memory / celebration gifts together, create a Campaign

Entering the donations

  • Add the donations to the constituent who is donating, making sure to select the correct Campaign (if you have set one up). Use the Connect button on the transaction form to connect the donation to the tribute fund / deceased constituent. For general information about adding donations see here.

Viewing and reporting the donations

You can view the donations from the point of view of the constituent in whose memory the donations were made by viewing the Connected Transactions on that constituent's timeline.

If you used a campaign for tracking the in memory / celebration donations you can either view them Campaign's Timeline tab (select Transactions), or create a Transaction Payments List and filter by campaign.

Online in memory / celebration donations

You can achieve the same thing online using a Donorfy Form. Each form can be configured so that donations made via the form are automatically connected to the in memory / tribute constituent, and associated with the correct campaign, and automatically sending out the correct thank you email. For more information on how to set up a form to do this, see this article.


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