Gifts in Memory / Gifts in Celebration

Gifts in Memory and Gifts in Celebration can be entered within Donorfy as a Campaign. This will enable all donations to be reported on correctly and the donations added to constituent's timelines to be Gift Aided (if they can be) and claimed accordingly. To do this:


Set up an Acknowledgement


Add a Campaign

  • Create a Campaign for the person whom the Gift in Memory / Gift in Celebration donation is for e.g. GIM: Joseph Bloggs or GIC: Joseph Bloggs
  • See articles in the Campaigns section of the Knowledge Base
  • Add fund that applies to the donation
  • Add a product that applies
  • Add the Gift in Memory or Gift in Celebration Thank You Letter

A Campaign Donation page could also be added (if you have Stripe connected) so that the website URL can be added to an order of service, programme, attendance letter, anniversary letter that a constituent may be creating. 


Paying on the donation

  • Add the donation to the constituent who is donating, rather than the person who is the Gift in Memory / Gift in Celebration. 
  • Select the Gift in Memory / Gift in Celebration Campaign for the Person 
  • See article - Transactions



Reporting will be within the Analytics tab of the Campaign, however, more detailed reporting can be done either from the Timeline tab within the Campaign or by creating a Transaction List, with the Filter on the relevant Campaign.


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