Gifts in Kind


A suggested way to add Gifts in Kind to Donorfy and report on them, without affecting transactional figures and potentially Gift Aid, you can create a dedicated Gift in Kind Activity Type and add Gift in Kind Activities to a constituent's timeline. To do this:  

Create an Activity Type

  • Create an activity type for Gift in Kind
  • Set up a number field on Activity Type for Notional Value
  • Add Text, Date and Yes/No fields as required, for example

 Text Field: e.g. GIK Description or GIK Product

 Date Fields: e.g. Date Pledged and Date Provided

 Yes/No Field: e.g. Confirmed and Completed

  • Save Changes





Add Activity to Constituent Timeline

From within a constituents timeline, add a new activity

  • Set the date 
  • Select the Gift in Kind Activity Type from the drop-down box
  • Select the Campaign from the drop-down box
  • Insert any Notes as required
  • Add the details to the Text, Date and Yes/No fields as required
  • Create a task, if required, for example - follow up on 18th May 2020
  • If an alert is to be shown on the constituent's record, then toggle the Show as Alert switch to Yes
  • Add any connections, if needed
  • Once you have entered the data you would like, Save Changes





The Gift in Kind Activity will then display on the constituent Timeline





Create a List

To see what Gift in Kinds have been received or pledged, and the status, create an Activity List.

  • Name your List
  • Include the Activity Type - in this case  Gift in Kind
  • Add any additional Filters as required
  • Save & Update Preview



If you use the include field rather than a filter you will be able to filter or include the extra fields by name rather than field 1, field 2 etc.




Auto Tags

If you would like to you can also create a Gift in Kind Tag and set it so that it uses the Gift in Kind List to Auto Tag the constituent record. See these articles to create a tag and set the Auto Tag:

Create a Tag: Setting up Tags

Set up Auto Tagging:  Auto Tagging




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