JustGiving - Introduction of new password rules (March 2021)


From Wednesday 24th March 2021 JustGiving's password rules are changing.

The changes JustGiving are introducing to their platform (see below) may require you to reset the password which you utilise to login into your JustGiving account. 


If you change the password for the JustGiving account that is linked to Donorfy, please be sure to update your Donorfy JustGiving settings also (Integrations > JustGiving > Settings). If you do not the connection will fail and no Fundraiser updates or Payments will be received into your Donorfy account.


The password rules will be:


Password strength

JustGiving's strengthened rules for password creation for new users or existing users choosing to update their password. These will include;


- Passwords must be at least 12 characters in length

- Passwords must include both alpha and numeric characters

- Passwords must include at least one special character 


Password history

New passwords cannot be the same as any of the last 6 previous passwords used to login to JustGiving


Password expiration

If the current password has not been added/changed more than a year ago, then when you next log in you will be redirected to update your password.


If you have any questions about re-setting your JustGiving password, please contact their support team: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tips/contact-us






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