FAQ: Putting a Campaign Totaliser on your Website


We are often asked about whether it is possible to add a totaliser to a charities campaign appeal web page.


Whilst the ability to draw campaign summary data via the API to be able to display the total on a webpage is unfortunately not something that the API supports, there may well be other ways in which this could be done...

1. Use the OData connection to output data to Excel or PowerBi and then use this data to populate a temporary table on your web server that can then display the amount raised onto your web page.

See Donorfy Data ServiceUsing Excel with Donorfy, and Using Power BI with Donorfy 

2. When a donation is placed via a Web Widget, it may be possible for you to collect the amount donated and add this to a temporary table on your web server, and then use the data to
display the amount raised on to your web page - this would only account for the online transactions though.

3. Create a List in Donorfy for the campaign, download the amounts, and then summarise in Excel. The total amount is then used to add to a dynamic graphic (or a graphic that is replaced daily) on the webpage. 


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