Loqate - Changes to Implementation Guidance (April 2021)


You may have recently received an email from Loqate advising of some changes to their endpoint coming soon which are designed to improve the stability and scalability of their platform.


This email also advises of some potential changes that need to be made to installation before the 4th of May in order to continue to use Loqate without disruption.


Do I need to change anything?

The good news is the short answer is no.


This update only affects API calls to a single address or subnet. As per their implementation guide Loqate have always advised against making API calls to a single IP address as doing so exposes you to additional risk and potential performance issues as they make changes regularly. As a result, the Donorfy integration should be unaffected by the changes being made next month.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about this please do get in touch with support.


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