New giving stats and Lists update released - May 2021


Constituent giving stats have been given a major overhaul in a Donorfy update - 3rd May 2021. It now provides a lot more information about the gift income you receive from your constituents. Due to the extent of the changes, it will also affect a few things that you will need to know about, including some changes to how Lists work. This article explains the new feature and how it changes things.

On the main Constituent form

Old constituent giving stats - appear on the top-right of the main constituent form, with a "more" button to expand them:


The new constituent giving stats also appears top-right, but now with much more information:


To expand the view, click on the down arrow to the right of the screen - next to Average Gift.




What is "gift income"?

It means the money that you have raised through your fundraising efforts. Donations yes, but also grants and other forms of voluntary income. Donorfy classifies income streams using the concept of a Product.

You can define whether an income stream is considered Gift income for each Product in your configuration of Donorfy (Settings | Configuration | Products). Please note, all of your products will be set to Gift Income when this update is rolled out. You may need to change some of your products to non-gift income, for example, event fees, or merchandise.


Note: Gift Income does not necessarily mean Gift Aid-able. That's still controlled by the Gift Aid-able setting.

Summary giving stats

First, Last, Average, Lowest, Highest, Donor pyramid level, current consecutive run of giving years, and best consecutive run of giving years are all provided, with information about which gift represents the stat concerned, where appropriate.

Annual giving stats - now according to your financial year

A 6 column display of the constituent's lifetime of giving, according to year. What is the year? It's the year according to your configuration of Reporting Year, in Account | Donorfy Settings. So if you want Donorfy to report according to your organisation's financial year - say 1st October - you will need to set the "Reporting year starts on" to 1st October. If you want to report on calendar years you would need to set it to 1st January (you can change your reporting year date but the values are not instantly recalculated - that happens overnight).


Note: when these features are rolled out, your reporting year will be set to 1st January, but you can change it to your own reporting year at any time.


The following columns are displayed:

  • The first column shows the Lifetime values  - the total of all the other columns to the right.
  • The second column shows the Current Year values, according to your reporting year date setting.
  • The third column shows current year minus 1 values, again according to your reporting year date setting.
  • The fourth column shows current year minus 2, and so on, until the 6th column, which shows current year minus 4 and earlier.

Please note: Donorfy uses the Accounting Date in the transaction allocation in conjunction with your reporting year start date to identify the year in which it is included.

The rows displayed are:

  • Given - the total value of Transaction Allocations whose products are categorised as gift income. 
  • Gift Aid reclaimed - the amount of Gift Aid that has been reclaimed from HMRC by Donorfy or added into a transaction by the uploader or from the integrations with Just Giving or VMG.
  • Pledged - the value of pledges that are not yet paid (in which case they would appear in Given).
  • Soft Credits - value of donations from other people that have been attributed to this constituent using the Soft Credit feature.
  • Total - the total of the above columns.


  • Non-gift income - the total value of Transaction Allocations whose products are not categorised as gift income. Not included in the Total, but provided here for completeness.

Note about soft credits: they are included in the annual giving stats, regardless of Product. This is because soft credit values are not always 100% of the original transaction, so the soft credited amount would need to be pro-rated across the allocations for gift products, which would result in a pretty meaningless number in this context.


How can I use these new giving stats?

Apart from being useful information displayed on the constituent record, you can use these fields in Lists, for:

  • reports using Lists
  • reporting tools using Donorfy's OData service - including Microsoft Power BI and Excel
  • appeal selections
  • auto-tagging
  • trigger conditions

Changes to Lists

All the above fields are available in Lists. So you will be able to display or filter on fields such as Current Year Gifts Amount or Lifetime Total Contribution. Additionally these new fields are available:

  • Rolling 12 month totals for all of the above, for:
      • the last 12 completed months - this is called Months 1 to 12. Please note this means the 12 months up until the end of last month.
      • Months 13-24 means the year before that, meaning 13-24 months ago, and so on...
      • Months 25-36 means 25-36 months ago
      • Months 37 to 48 means 37-48 months ago
      • Months 49 and before - means 49 or more months ago
    • Current Year Minus 1 "to date" fields - to enable comparison of current year figures (which by their nature are "year-to-date") versus the same point last year. This means Current Year minus 1 has 2 sets of values - the whole year, and the "to date" amount.

The new features significantly add to the number of fields that you can (a) filter on and (b) select for display. Therefore, the column selector will now show the available columns in categories, which you can open and tick the columns you want to display. You can also search the available columns to speed up your selection:


For Lists whose column selections exceed the width of the display, you will now get a horizontal scrollbar.

Note: all the new columns are also available in the Donorfy OData service, enabling you to use them in third-party reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Excel.

Campaign Lists

Campaign Lists now have giving stats along the same lines as constituent giving stats - Current year, -1, -2, -3 and minus 4+, and rolling 12 months.

When are the giving stats updated?

Donorfy will update the Summary and Current year stats more or less immediately (there may be a few minutes' delay), depending on how they were added to Donorfy, for example transactions added by the API will be updated overnight, whilst an item manually keyed onto a Timeline will be added as soon as the item has been saved.

Prior years (minus 1, 2, 3, 4, and beyond) are unlikely to change, but they are re-calculated nightly in case there has been a change in the reporting year, or if transactions have been loaded into Donorfy, as part of a data migration exercise, for example. 

Impact on Dashboard report tiles

  • Income this week, month, and year have been renamed to Gift Income this week, month, and year, and only include the income for products considered as Gift Income. Historically the product name had to be Donation.
  • Donations this / last year are now based on rolling 12-month figures (to the end of the prior month), for products considered as Gift Income.
  • Donor Pyramid - now based on total contribution (not just amount given).

Donor Pyramid - now based on your years

The current year in the Donor Pyramid now has the same meaning as the current year in the constituent giving stats. This means the composition of your Donor Pyramid report, and the pyramid band in which donors appear (A to E), may have changed with this update.




This, Last and Prior Year fields

These fields have been removed, and replaced with the following fields respectively:

  • Current Year Gifts Amount
  • Current Year Minus 1 Gifts Amount
  • Current Year Minus 2 Gifts Amount

Please note that the values in these fields may not be the same as the old values due to the new calculation methods described above.


This, Last and Prior 12 Months fields

These fields have been removed, and replaced with the following fields respectively from the Giving Stats - Rolling category:

  • Months 1 to 12 Gifts Amount
  • Months 13 to 24 Gifts Amount
  • Months 25 to 36 Gifts Amount

Please note that the values in these fields may not be the same as the old values due to the new calculation methods described above.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Giving Stats - enrol here


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