Membership Introduction & Overview


Welcome to the Memberships tools within Donorfy.




Memberships is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, if, after reading through the overview and other supporting documentation you feel that Memberships is right for your charity or organisation please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


This is how membership schemes can be managed in Donorfy

  • Switch on the membership feature and allow users access to it - see this article
  • Products 
    • You will need to set up products for each type of membership you offer - for more information see this article
  • Memberships 
    • A membership will be created when someone joins your organisation
    • Each membership will be represented by a recurring payment instruction which contains the details of the membership including
      • Which membership product applies to the membership
      • How it is paid 
      • Which people are benefiting from the membership - these are the members
      • One of the members is marked as the primary member - that is the person you will typically contact about the membership 
      • The membership will have a paid up to date - this indicates when the membership will end - see this article for more information
  • Collection Methods
    • Collection methods are how membership are paid for - e.g. Direct Debit, Stripe, GoCardless, Cheque, etc 
  • If you have details of existing members you can upload them into Donorfy - see this article
  • Lists allow you to view and download your members and memberships - see this article for more information
  • You may want to set up rules that apply statuses to your memberships - see this article for more information 
  • From time to time you may want to 


Set up

1. Allow Access to the Membership tools


2. Setting up Membership Products


3. Bulk uploading of Memberships


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The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Memberships - enrol here


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