Reconciling Stripe to Donorfy


If you are collecting payments via Stripe using an online transactional form (Campaign Donation Page, Donorfy Donation Form, or Web Widget) and would like to be able to reconcile these transactions between Stripe and Donorfy, this article provides some guidance.


When a transaction takes place online via Stripe, the details that are sent to Stripe includes: the constituent name, address and email, amount, and your Donorfy Statement Name. 


The transaction takes place on that day and it is then added to your Donorfy and marked as paid on the constituent's timeline. The Date Paid, Transaction Date, and Accounting Date will all be the same.

As Donorfy does not know when the money is paid out from Stripe into your organisation's bank account - e.g. daily, weekly, monthly we can not deduce any other Accounting Date than the day in which the transaction took place and settled.


The references that we receive from Stripe are added to the Transaction in the following fields: 

Payment Reference1 = Stripe Customer Number
Payment Reference2 = Stripe Transaction Number (this is also seen on the transaction itself)

For example - you may see the references as follows:

Payment Reference1 = ch_1H1dehsdtTAvusCWeNist30Czk
Payment Reference2 =  txn_1H2edYKgAvKFvpeNN67Blh0D

Any Processing Costs will be applied to the Processing Costs field on the transaction in Donorfy.


To locate the reference data, you will need to create a Transaction Payment List

Add the filter for your Payment Method and desired Date Paid 

Next, add to your List the following data output fields:


  • Amount
  • Processing Costs
  • Payment Reference1
  • Payment Referecne2
  • Personal Label Name
  • Personal Postal Code
  • Constituent Number
  • Transaction ID
  • And any other fields you may choose.


Then download your data to Excel. 


You can then use a Pivot Table or Sub-Total / Totals Function to provide daily/weekly/monthly totals. 

For a granular match by reference you can utilise a VLOOKUP function. 


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Financial Reconciliation - enrol here



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