Constituent Giving Stats available within Lists


Constituent Lists and Campaign Lists contain a number of fields relating to the financial contributions that have been made. When you create a List you'll want to know what the various fields mean so that can (a) use the ones you want to filter your list by, and (b) include the ones you want to see as columns in the results. This article explains how the Giving Stats are calculated.


The fields available in Lists can be found within the Column selector - they start with 'Giving Stats'...


...are the same fields (plus a few more) that are shown on the constituent page:



What do the fields mean?


Fields shown by the year:

The first part represents the year in which the gift was made, according to your Reporting Year - Current Year, Current Year -1, Current Year -2 etc - means the year in which the gift falls according to 2 factors:

  • the Accounting Date of the transaction as it relates to today's date (the accounting date is in the Allocation part of a transaction - in the More section)
  • the Reporting Year start date (that's in Settings > Account > Donorfy Settings tab, only Admins can see).

NOTE - as the accounting date is on the transaction allocation, multiple allocation transactions could contain different accounting dates which could conceivably split the gift between years, resulting in double counting that transaction. For this reason, Donorfy assumes the earliest accounting date will apply to all allocations in the transaction.

  • If you prefer to see years as rolling 12 month periods instead of reporting/finance year, use the rolling stats which start with Months 1 to 12, Months 13 to 24, etc. Months 1 to 12 means the 12 month period up to the end of last month. Months 13-24 the 12 month period before that, and so on. The Reporting Year is irrelevant in this case.

The next part represents the kind of contribution:

  • Gifts - these are transaction allocations whose Product has been designated as Gift income (admins: see Settings >Configuration > Products ). In other words, donations, grants, etc.
  • Pledges - open (not paid) pledges.
  • Soft Credits - other constituents' gifts that have been soft-credited to this constituent.

NOTE about Soft Credits: they are included in the annual giving stats, regardless of Product. This is because soft credit values are not always 100% of the original transaction, so the soft credited amount would need to be pro-rated across the allocations for gift products, which would result in a pretty meaningless number in this context.

  • Gift Aid Reclaimed - this is the amount that has been reclaimed against donations.

The next part represents the kind of field it is:

  • Amount is the monetary value (ie how much), in your home currency.
  • Number is the volume (ie how many).

Other fields shown available for financial reporting years or 12 month rolling years:

  • Total Contribution - the sum of Gifts, Pledges, Gift Aid, and Soft Credit.
  • Non Gift income is for transaction allocations whose products are not considered Gift income.
  • Recurring Gifts - gifts whose payment method is set to Recurring (admins: see Settings | Configuration, select Payment Methods in the dropdown).


A constituent gave a donation (using a product designated as Gift income) on 4th February 2019, and the financial Reporting Year is set to 1st October.

When looking at giving stats on say 1st May 2021, that gift would be included in the Current Year -2 Gifts Amount and Number fields. Why? According to the settings, the current financial/reporting year runs from 1st October 2020 to 1st September 2021. Therefore current year -1 runs from 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2020. And current year -2 runs from 1st October 2018 to 30th September 2019, hence our donation is in that year. Eventually, that gift will leave move from -2 to -3 and so on.

That gift will also feature in the rolling months field Months 25 to 36 Gifts Amount and Number. Why? Because that gift sits in the 12 month period between 1st October 2018 and 30th September 2019.


Additional "to date" fields for current year -1

For the Current Year -1 category, you will find some extra fields containing the words "to date". The amounts in those fields are calculated up to today's date last year. This is to enable you to compare progress this year so far with progress to the same date last year.


Other fields not related to specific years

In alphabetic order. All dates are based on the Accounting Date of a donation.

  • Average Gift Amount - Lifetime Gift Amount divided by Lifetime Gift Number
  • Date of First Gift - the date of the first gift
  • Date of Highest Gift - the date on which the highest value gift was made
  • Date of Last Gift - the date of the most recent gift
  • Date of Lowest Gift - the date on which the lowest value gift was made
  • Donor Pyramid Level - the band (A to E) in which that constituent sits. According to the settings for your pyramid (Settings > Configuration > Donor Pyramid )
  • First Gift Amount - the monetary value of the first gift
  • Highest Gift Amount - the monetary value of the highest value gift
  • Last Gift Amount - the monetary value of the last gift
  • Lifetime Gift Aid Reclaimed Amount - the amount that has been reclaimed by Donorfy's Gift Aid feature
  • Lifetime Gifts Amount - the total monetary value of all gifts
  • Lifetime Gifts Number - the total number of all gifts for this
  • Lifetime Non Gift Income - the total monetary value of all non-gift transactions
  • Lifetime Pledged Amount - the total value of all open pledges
  • Lifetime Pledges Number - the total number of all pledges
  • Lifetime Recurring Gifts Amount - the total amount of all gifts for which the payment method is set to recurring
  • Lifetime Soft Credits Amount - the total value of all the soft credits
  • Lifetime Soft Credits Number - the total number of soft credits
  • Lifetime Total Contribution - the sum of all gifts, reclaimed Gift Aid, Pledges and Soft Credits
  • Lowest Gift Amount - the value of the lowest value gift

Tax year fields

You will see in Lists that you have a number of fields available in a category called Giving Stats - tax years. This is a small subset of the full range of fields shown above. The definitions are the same as the equivalent fields, except that the year is fixed to the approximate UK tax year - 6th April to the following 5th April.


How to change your reporting year

Admins can change the reporting year in Settings > Account > Donorfy settings.

Please note that the changes will take effect overnight and will be visible in your Lists and on the constituent page the following morning.


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