FAQ: How often is Donorfy backed up?


All data on Donorfy is backed up throughout the day at regular intervals via our Microsoft Azure Server. This is described in more detail on the Microsoft website here.

Further to this a daily backup to AWS backups in case anything catastrophic occurs. We then have a rollback point for the Shared Environment (all Donorfy accounts that are not running their own Azure Server.) - https://donorfy.com/security

If you would like to manage server backups independently, you would need to have your Own Azure Server - this would allow you to run Back Ups as per your own scheduling. 

The Own azure option would be an additional cost to your monthly Professional Plan (https://donorfy.com/pricing), and there would also be the Microsoft subscription plan also - (https://nonprofit.microsoft.com/en-us/getting-started)

For further details as to the benefits of your Own Azure server can bring, see https://donorfy.com/ownazure




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