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For maximum flexibility, there are several ways to configure mappings of JustGiving donation data when it is pulled into Donorfy:

  • Donorfy's default JustGiving Settings area, i.e. Settings > Configuration > JustGiving Settings
  • Campaign-specific settings in Donorfy, configured via the JustGiving tab for the Campaign
  • For donations made via JustGiving Fundraising Pages, custom codes may be added to the page itself to determine how the page (and its donations) will be mapped into Donorfy
  • For all donations - whether direct or via a Fundraising Page - these will be mapped to a Donorfy campaign if one exists having an exact name match with the JustGiving appeal name for the donation


Creating a strategy for mapping

We recommend you identify a strategy for mapping JustGiving donations into Donorfy, and apply the same strategy for all JustGiving Campaigns and Fundraising pages.

Any strategy will require default settings to be defined via Settings > Configuration > JustGiving Settings.
To supplement this, you might choose only to use Campaign-specific settings in Donorfy and not to use custom codes.

Alternatively, you might decide to use custom codes in Fundraising Pages, and not to make use of Campaign-specific settings in Donorfy.

For campaign mapping only, a third option is to ensure your Donorfy Campaign names are identical to the corresponding JustGiving appeal/campaign names.


Default settings

Default settings for mapping JustGiving data into Donorfy are made via Donorfy's main settings screen at Settings > Configuration > JustGiving Settings.

The settings configured here include:

  • default transaction mappings for direct donations - i.e. donations not made through a fundraising page - and for Fundraising Page donations where no campaign-specific mappings have been defined
  • identification of a constituent to be used for mapping donations made anonymously in JustGiving – we would suggest a dedicated JustGiving Anon constituent
  • identification of a Purpose to be enabled or disabled according to the fundraiser's or donor's decision to opt-in or opt-out of further communications

Once the JustGiving integration is configured and made active, this page shows at a glance the date Donorfy last tried to retrieve data from JustGiving, as well as the dates of the last donation and Gift Aid payments received and processed.



Campaign-specific settings

Fundraising and Campaign Pages - and therefore donations made through them - may be linked to a Donorfy Campaign by JustGiving Settings tab available on your Donorfy Campaign.

Note: For a JustGiving Campaign to be visible to Donorfy, the JustGiving Campaign will need to have a Fundraising Page assigned to it within JustGiving.



The Campaign dropdown will present a list of JustGiving Campaigns and appeals identified from Fundraising Pages retrieved.

Having chosen a JustGiving Campaign or appeal from this list, any future donations made through pages linked to the same JustGiving Campaign or appeal will result in transactions linked to this campaign in Donorfy, unless a custom code for has been set on a particular Fundraising Page (see custom codes section).


Custom codes on JustGiving Fundraising Pages

JustGiving offers charities the ability to add custom codes to certain data, including Fundraising Pages - see this article (PDF).

Donorfy has adopted the following convention for use of custom codes on Fundraising Pages, that will control how donations made via these pages are mapped to transactions in Donorfy.

Custom Code 2 - if defined, Donorfy will try to match this value to the name of a Department

Custom Code 3 - if defined, Donorfy will try to match this value to the name of a Campaign

Custom Code 4 - if defined, Donorfy will try to match this value to the name of a Fund

Custom Code 6 - if defined, Donorfy will try to match this value to a Constituent Number which will then be assumed to represent a Tribute Fund; donations against this page will then lead to transactions linked to the tribute fund

Settings made via JustGiving custom codes will override any settings made in Donorfy.

The linked Knowledge Base article guides you through adding your Custom Codes to your JustGiving Fundraising Pages: Adding Custom Codes to your JustGiving Fundraising Pages


Note: Custom Codes in excess of 20 characters* in JustGiving will be truncated via the JustGiving API. In instances where this occurs, the code will not match a Department, Campaign, or Fund in Donorfy and will result in default settings being used. 

If your Department, Campaign, or Fund in Donorfy is greater than 20 characters then it is suggested a new Department, Campaign, or Fund is created which is less than or equal to 20 characters in length.

* The number of characters includes spaces



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