JustGiving - settings and mappings overview


For maximum flexibility, there are several ways to configure mappings of JustGiving donation data when it is pulled into Donorfy:

  • Donorfy's default JustGiving Settings area, i.e. Integrations > JustGiving > Settings
  • Campaign-specific settings in Donorfy, configured via the JustGiving tab for the Campaign
  • For donations made via JustGiving Fundraising Pages, custom codes may be added to the page itself to determine how the page (and its donations) will be mapped into Donorfy
  • For all donations - whether direct or via a Fundraising Page - these will be mapped to a Donorfy campaign if one exists having an exact name match with the JustGiving appeal name for the donation


Creating a strategy for mapping

We recommend you identify a strategy for mapping JustGiving donations into Donorfy, and apply the same strategy for all JustGiving Campaigns and Fundraising pages.

Any strategy will require the default settings to be defined via Integrations > JustGiving > Settings

To supplement this, you might choose only to use Campaign-specific settings in Donorfy and not to use custom codes. 

Alternatively, you might decide to use custom codes in Fundraising Pages, and not to make use of Campaign-specific settings in Donorfy.

For campaign mapping only, a third option is to ensure your Donorfy Campaign names are identical to the corresponding JustGiving appeal/campaign names.


JustGiving Default settings

The default settings for mapping JustGiving data into Donorfy are made via Donorfy's main settings screen at Integrations > JustGiving > Settings


Default Mappings


The settings configured here include:

  • Purpose for Opt-ins
    The first option lets you specify the Purpose that should be enabled for donors who have elected to share their email address with you for ongoing communications.

    It should be noted that where the supporter has confirmed that the charity can keep them informed about the impact of their fundraising, the integration will set the Email Channel to Yes. 

    The Preferred Channel will be set to Email, where permission was granted.

  • Anonymous Donor Constituent
    Here you need to specify the Anonymous Donor Constituent - it is suggested that you have a specific Anonymous constituent profile just for JustGiving.
    Donations, where there are no donor details, will be added to this constituent profile.


Transaction settings

The two sections relating to Transactions allow you to specify how donations are attributed to the various codes Donorfy. 

These will be the default transaction mappings for direct donations - i.e. donations not made through a fundraising page - and for Fundraising Page donations where no campaign-specific mappings have been defined


Transactions - Payments

  • Campaign
  • Payment Method - One-off Donation
  • Payment Method - Recurring Donation
  • Bank Account
  • Acknowledgment

Transactions - allocation

  • Product - One-off or Recurring Donation
  • Product - Sponsorship, money from Fundraiser
  • Product - Sponsorship, money from Donor
  • Fund
  • Department


Leave the Integration is Active switched to No 

And Save Changes.



If you would like to use the more granular settings, see below:



If you are wanting to use just the default settings then see this article to make the integration live: JustGiving - Making the Integration live


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for JustGiving - enrol here



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