HMRC rejected a claim - Authentication Failure


If you receive a message stating that there has been an Authentication Failure it may be due to one, or more, of the below items from within your Gift Aid Settings tab.

Check through the list below, and correct as required.

  1. Is your organisation registered to charities gift aid online service in your government gateway account?  (Once logged into your government gateway account, you will need to select 'add a tax or service' then select 'Gift Aid' if not already registered).

  2. Is the 'Gift Aid Submit to Live Gateway' toggled to Yes?

  3. Is the Organisational Name correct to details that the HMRC held?

  4. Is the Charity Number correct?

  5. Is your User ID and Password correct?

  6. is your HMRC reference correct?

  7. Is the Authorised person details the main person registered at the HMRC, rather than someone with account access?

  8. Is the spelling of the title, first and last names of the Authorised person correct?

  9. Is the authorised person's Post Code correct?

  10. Is the phone number correct and in the correct configuration? 

If you have corrected the details and the claim is still rejecting, then please verify the details on your Settings with the HMRC directly 0300 123 1073. The HMRC's system is rather 'fussy' and the smallest error will reject the entire claim - the details must match exactly - e.g a lower case m in Mr or Mrs or no space in a Phone Number or punctuation in a name.

When a claim is rejected by the HMRC via the gateway, the donations within the failed claim will be added back into your Active Claim when it is next updated. 


If your claim was rejected outside of the HMRC gateway (i.e they contacted you by letter or email) then you will need to address the rejection accordingly and re-submit the rejected transactions manually with the HMRC by using the R68 schedule form available on the HMRC website.  You can download the details of the rejected claim as per the article Viewing or Downloading a Gift Aid Claim



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