Creating an Email Template


Before you create your email template, please ensure that your email settings have been established first: Sending Emails from Donorfy

Creating an Email Template

From Settings > Configuration > Acknowledgements & Documents you can create your email templates.

Enter the details for your Acknowledgment:

  • Description: It is advisable that you set your Description to include Email in so it is easily distinguishable from your postal letters or other acknowledgment types. 
  • Document Sent by: Email
  • Activity Type: Email Outbound
  • From Email Address: will need to be from the email specified in the Email Server Settings,
  • From Name: within acknowledgments can no longer use a custom name for Office 365 and GMail, any data added to this field will be blanked on the acknowledgment and defaulted upon sending to the name which is set within your own email client.
    For other email clients, you can set a From Name and this will be shown in the receiving inbox.
  • Email Subject: the title of your email

Set the Acknowledgment to Active to enable it to be available to send.


Acknowldgement / Document Template 

This is the body text area of your email. The email text editor works in the same way as the one for letters, you can find the details for placeholders, etc here: Setting up One Off Letters and Emails




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