Increasing an RPI (RPI Upgrade)


If a supporter wants to increase their regular donation you can opt to 'upgrade' their RPI. This adds a new allocation to their RPI and alters the total amount to be collected. 

From within the constituent Timeline...

  • Locate the RPI in question, open it

    You can filter the Timeline to show only Recurring Payment Instructions by clicking on the Recurring Payment Instruction option under Summary


  • Once you have found the RPI and opened it, click on Manage and then Upgrade


  • Within the window an area appears highlighted by a red outline, this is your upgrade details:


  • Complete the details as required e.g:
    • Product
    • How much to increase the RPI by
    • Campaign - was it part of an upgrade campaign or adhoc?
    • Channel
    • Reference - if any
    • Fund
    • Select when you want to start the upgrade from - Next Collection, or Starting on Or After XX Date
  • Then click Apply Upgrade

Once you have applied the upgrade, the RPI Total Payment Amount will be changed and displayed within the blue/grey bar at the top of the RPI


An additional Allocation will be applied (so if the RPI was originally for £30 and an increase of £15 was actioned, there will now be two allocations displayed - one for £30 and one for £15 - the overall total Amount in the RPI header will then show as £45). 

You can send an acknowledgment to reflect the changes made as per this article: Sending Letters or Email for an RPI 


Note: If you add an upgrade to an RPI that is Overdue (they have recently missed a payment) only the newly added allocation will be Active. The remainder of the RPI will be non-active. You will need to make the RPI Active so that all allocations are available for processing.



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