Updating Recurring Payment Instructions


This article explains how to update existing recurring payment instructions (RPI) using the File Uploader.

Updating an RPI is different from Upgrading an RPI. If you have run an Upgrade Campaign asking people to increase the amount they give you under their RPI consider using the RPI Upgrade worksheet with the file uploader instead - the difference between an RPI Update and RPI Upgrade is: 

  • Update - this type of upload allows changes to existing the RPI - e.g. to correct data errors
  • Upgrade - this type of upload is to increase the amount people are paying under their RPI by adding a new payment and allocation to an existing RPI


  • You cannot undo updates made by the file uploader.
    It is a good idea to download a list of the RPIs you plan to update, then if you need to undo an update you will have the original values to apply via another update setting the values back.
  • Remove any columns from the worksheet that you do not want to update.
    This is because if a column exists in the worksheet which is empty the corresponding field in Donorfy will be cleared.
  • The update process can only update a record once within the upload file, i.e duplicate entries will cause an error.
  • A maximum of 1000 rows (inc headings) can be processed per file.


Performing the Update

To update the RPIs, you will need to:

Preparing the worksheet

  • Download the Donorfy Updates Data Preparation Template from here: RPI Update.xlsx
  • Read the Important information text and then delete it
  • In the new worksheet remove any columns you do not need - i.e. you don't want to change the values in those fields - IMPORTANT - If a column exists in this worksheet which is empty the corresponding field in Donorfy will be cleared

Adding data to the worksheet

  • RPI Number - this is the number of the existing RPI in Donorfy that you want to update - this must be entered.

    You can use an RPI list to create and download a list of the numbers of the RPIs you want to update and copy those numbers into the worksheet

  • The following columns can be included in the worksheet if you want to update them:

RPI Type - this can be set to either 'Recurring Donation' or 'Membership' to indicate what the RPI is for - other values will be ignored 

RPI Status - you can enter Active if payments are expected straight away or To be Lodged if account details have to be lodged (e.g. with BACS) before payments can be collected - other values will be ignored 

Frequency - can be one of Month, Year, Quarter or Half Year to indicate how often the payments are expected

Collection Method -you can enter the description of a collection method you have set up or enter Standing Orders

Collection Day -you can enter 1 to 31 to indicate the day you expect the payments to be made

Start Month -you can enter the name of the month (i.e. January, February etc) when payments will start - for monthly paid RPIs this can be the current month - for other frequencies this month and the start date below will control when payments are expected

Currency - you can enter any currency for the RPI 

Bank Account -you can enter the bank account into which donations collected under the RPI will be paid 

Collection Reference 1 to 5 - you can enter up to 5 collection references for RPI

Acknowledgment Doc -you can enter the acknowledgment document that will be sent to the constituent

Acknowledgement Text -you can enter any additional text to include in the acknowledgment document

Connected ConstituentNumber, External Key or Email if provided this information will be used to find an existing constituent who is connected to the RPI

If the RPIs have only one payment and one allocation you can enter the following to change the payment and allocation:

    • Campaign -  the name of the campaign associated with the RPI  
    • Amount -  the amount of the RPI
    • Start Date -  the date payments are expected to begin
    • End Date - the date payments are expected to end - enter 31/12/2099 if the RPI does not have an end date
    • Reference
    • Channel
    • Product
    • Department
    • Quantity
    • Fund
    • PotentialGiftAid - enter Yes if donations under this instruction can potentially have tax reclaimed under gift aid
    • Comments - text that can be stored for the RPI
    • To link to a beneficiary constituent enter the Beneficiary ConstituentNumber, External Key or Email - if provided this information will be used to find an existing constituent who is the beneficiary of the RPI

  • Empty Cells and Clearing Fields

    • It is important to remove any columns from the worksheet that you do not wish to change.
    • Ensure that there are no empty cells within your selection unless you are wanting the delete the data from them.

      This is because if a column exists in your uploaded file but cells in the worksheet column do not contain any values then the file uploader will clear the data in the updated transaction. However, the uploader will not allow you to clear mandatory fields - including amounts, quantity, date received, campaign, payment method, product, and fund.

    • Double-check the data, correct as required, and all columns present are those that are to be updated
    • Once your worksheet is completed, save it as an Excel file (.xlsx) and upload it to Donorfy for checking and applying


Correcting any errors

After you upload a file Donorfy will check it - if there are problems which prevent the data in the file being imported, a message will be displayed. To correct errors please see Fixing Problems in an Uploaded File


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