IMPORTANT - Stripe Web Widgets: Action Required before 12th September 2019 for SCA


As you may know, Strong Customer Authentication comes into effect for all online card purchases on 12th September.

Urgent action is required to ensure that your Stripe Web Widget-enabled donation forms comply.

If your website contains page(s) using Stripe Web Widget(s) you will need your web developer / agency to update the donation page(s) on your website to take advantage of the new SCA-compatible features - they can do this anytime from now on.

Full documentation of the changes that need to be made can be found in this Knowledge Base article. They are minor changes and should not take long to make, but it is important that they are done.

If this is not done by 12th September it is likely that your web page will be unable to continue to receive donations online.

As of 6th September, any new widgets created in Donorfy will be SCA-compatible automatically.

Please note that this article doesn't apply to Donorfy's Campaign Donation pages. These will be automatically compliant as of 6th September.


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