This article will guide you through your Currency configuration. 


To add new Currencies, open Settings > Configuration > Currencies

  • Click on the + button and start to add the details for your new item

  • Replace 'New Item' with the currency code - e.g USD, GBP, EUR
  • Set it to be Active
  • If the currency is to be your default currency then set to Yes - if no default currency is set Donorfy will apply GBP to your transactions and dashboard settings
  • Add any exchange rate information - i.e how many USD to GBP will be your default. This is used for integrations where there is a payout in another currency, for example, Facebook may payout in USD, but your bank is GBP.
    You can use a currency converter, such as to obtain your rate information.
  • Once completed, click on Save


You can edit these settings at any time by clicking on the currency description.


You default currency will also be applied to your dashboard settings.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Financial Settings - enrol here


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