Updating Website Addresses and Social Media IDs with the File Uploader


You can use the file uploader to update social media IDs and website addresses for existing constituents these are the steps you need to follow.

  • Download Constituent Update Template (Constituent Update.xlsx) which can be found here:
    Updating Constituents using the File Uploader

  • Read the Important information text and then delete it

  • Remove all the columns except the column you will use to identify the constituents - e.g. Constituent Number 

  • Add column(s) for the social media IDs you want to update.
    These need to be in the format Social_Media_<social media type> e.g. to update a:
    • Facebook ID you would use Social_Media_Facebook
    • Website address you would use Social_Media_Website

  • Fill in the columns with the constituent numbers and social media ids - similar to the example below



Top Tip

The constituent worksheets in the data preparation template included the social media columns - you can download the data preparation template from within Donorfy: Data Management > File Upload and copy the columns you need from there into your Excel worksheet - below is an example of the columns in the data preparation template





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