OnlineFundraising Error and Cancel reasons


The reasons used in Donorfy are based on error and cancel codes provided by OnlineFundraising.

Error Reasons

Donorfy Reason PaymentMethod GatewayErrorCode Subscription ErrorCode
PaymentMethod ErrorCode
Wrong Reg, Account 230940    
Invalid CPR 230945    
Expired card   100002 200004
Failed card   100002 200005

Cancel Reasons

Donorfy Reason Subscription CancelCode Subscription ErrorCode
PaymentMethod ErrorCode
Subscription expired due to defined expiration date 100103    
Mandate cancelled by debitor   100101 200101
Mandate cancelled by creditor   100101 200102


If the cancel / error codes do not match any of the above then they fall back to the following reasons. More details about these descriptions can be found in the OnlineFundraising Wiki (

1) If the GatewayErrorDescription on the Payment Method has value then that is used as the reason.

2) Otherwise if CancelDescription on the Payment Method has value then that is used.

3) Otherwise "By Request" is used.





The Online Fundraising integration is a Professional-only feature. Danish Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


Other requirements: the integration only applies to Online Fundraising version 4 and later. Prior versions cannot be integrated.


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