How to find all constituents without a valid Gift Aid Declaration (GAD)


You may want to run a Gift Aid Campaign or just report on constituent profiles that do not have a valid Gift Aid declaration, this article runs through the key steps to do just this...


To do this you will need to:

Find and Tag all those with a valid Gift Aid declaration


You could even set up an Auto-Tag rule to do this automatically so you don't need to manually add the Tag on a regular basis - (Auto Tagging)


Once all constituent profiles are Tagged accordingly, you will need to:


Exclude these constituents from a new Constituent List:


  • Create a new Constituent List, filtered by 'Does not Have any' of <your Tag> 
  • You can then add additional filters such as Constituent Type equals Individual, etc...


The results will be all those constituents that do not have a GAD on their Timeline.






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