Getting started - how to create your first Trigger


To create your first trigger, it's best to work back from the result you're trying to achieve.

Example - you want to send an email acknowledgement to the donor when a new recurring donation is set up as a result of the Spring 2022 campaign.

  • The trigger type will be Recurring Payment Instruction (RPI) Added
  • The condition will be RPI added today with a campaign of Spring 2022
  • The action will be send an email acknowledgement to the donor

Create the condition filter first

A condition is the filter in a Donorfy List. So in this case you'll need to create a new Recurring Payment Instruction List (click on the Add button, under Lists select Recurring Payment Instruction List). Call it something memorable like "RPIs added today for Spring 2022 campaign".

Make the filter look like this:


Bring it together by creating the Trigger

Add a new Trigger

  • enter a name for the Trigger
  • select RPI Added as the Trigger Type
  • add a condition - select the list you created for RPIs added today for Spring 2022 campaign
  • add an action - Initiate Mailchimp Automation, select the your campaign from the dropdown
  • make sure the Active switch is set to Yes and save your Trigger. It is now live, and listening for the trigger event - in this case a new RPI for the Spring 2022 campaign.




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