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The Membership Status Update feature allows you to setup Membership Status Rules which are automatically applied to set the status of your memberships - this helps you to consistently manage the status of your memberships. 

Note that the membership status is different to the payment status of the recurring payment instruction - i.e.

  • the Payment Status is used to control the collection of payments
  • the Membership Status is too make it easier to select memberships e.g. for different communications or to bulk cancel membership

Setting Up the Membership Status Rules

Click on the Membership Status Rules tab and press the Add Membership Status Rule button to add a new rule. You can give the rule a meaning name, specify the criteria for the rule and the status that should be applied to memberships matching the rule, the Statuses you can apply are

  • Overdue - membership is active but payment is overdue 
  • To Be Cancelled - payment is so overdue that the membership should be cancelled - see Bulk Cancel for more information 

Applying the Membership Status Rules

Overnight the Membership Status Rules you have defined will be applied to all membership recurring payment instructions which have a payment status of Active or Overdue  - i.e. they can have payments collected against them.

The Membership Status Rules are applied

  • In the order shown on the tab under Membership
  • If a membership meets the criteria of the rule its status will be updated
  • If a membership meets the criteria of more than one of the Membership Status Rules then the first matching rule will be applied

Memberships with a payment status of Active or Overdue that do not match any of the rules will be given the membership status of Active

You can also apply the rules on demand by pressing the 'Apply Rules Now' button.



Memberships is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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  • It would be helpful to create custom Membership Statuses that don't necessarily relate to whether they've paid or not, e.g. 'approved' or 'pending approval'.

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