Membership Bulk Cancel


The membership bulk cancel feature allows you to cancel RPIs from non-paying members in bulk - this will stop payments from being collected in the future.

The membership bulk cancel feature works with the membership status update feature - i.e. you

  • Create one or more Membership Status Update rules which assigns the status of 'To be Cancelled' to memberships.
  • Can use a membership lists to review the memberships that will be bulk cancelled by filtering the list on Membership Status of 'To be Cancelled'
  • If you are happy with the membership that are marked as 'To be Cancelled'  use the membership bulk cancel feature to cancel the RPIs - you choose the reason for cancellation - the process will then update all RPIs by setting the
      • Payment Status and the Membership Status of the RPI to Cancelled - which will prevent future payments from being collected
      • Cancel date to the current date
      • Cancel reason to the reason choosen 
      • Comments to indicate the RPI was bulk cancelled 




Memberships is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Memberships - enrol here


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